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Epside #41 - Bomber Jacket Jail

This week, hosts Amitai and Katie-Ellen are back at it, which is say gabbing about their favourite fixation:

But first, they tackle the existential question: Why is it embarrassing to like wildly popular things?

C'mon up, the bandwagon's fine

Katie's a fan of the bandwagon and all those who jump on, while Amitai confesses he's had a gripe in the past. History favours Ami in this case, since anyone who doesn't recognize that OUTKAST is objectively great is just wrong. (We're not ones to take a hard stand on anything here at HOM; we most prefer to cower in the grey area. But this is a limb we gladly go all the way out on.)

Dang, that IS a horny Duck

If you thought we oversold the University of Oregon mascot with the descriptor "Captain America with the head of a duck", see for yourself:

If you find this photo upsetting, you're not alone. Oregon fans actually rejected this monstrosity, called "Mandrake", sometimes refered to as "Roboduck or Duck Vader, in favour of their previous, more cuddly duck:

Oregon gets it. Bless this duck.

If you're interested in the ducktroversy, you can check out this short video:

The Reluctant Hero

"A reluctant hero is a tarnished or ordinary man with several faults or a troubled past, and he is pulled reluctantly into the story, or into heroic acts. During the story, he rises to the occasion, sometimes even vanquishing a mighty foe, sometimes avenging a wrong."

Amitai & Katie-Ellen lament that they can't be reluctant hero types, on account of their being invested in wrangling with their vulnerabilities and other uncomfortable things. But darn it if those types don't make being aloof seem so cool!

Don't Mean to Strong Neck Ya

One of the main things holding us all back is probably a lack of neck strength. Lucky Ami got some targeted ads to help us all out. I mean, this guy's obvs got it figured out.


Obviously, there are a lot of fine and admirable qualities that can be attributed, generally speaking, under the umbrella of "masculinity." But what about the ones that burden? The traits and behaviours that keep those who feel beholden to them trapped. What do we do about those? Surprisingly, in this 60-ish minute chat between two dweebs on couch we did NOT find the solution. But we're hopeful.

If you have any ideas or anything you've done to try to break patterns that weren't serving you, we are, as always, keen to hear from you.

Horny Fors

Amitai confesses he's in a bit of a "Trenchcoat" time and is just not horny for things like he'd like to be these days. Which happens. Still, he is horny for Bo Burnham's latest Netflix Special "Inside."

This week, Katie-Ellen is horny for the podcast "Cocaine and Rhinestones."

Important Take-Aways From This Week's Episode:

1. "Ben Affleck is of the people."

2. Amitai calling it "Duncan's Donuts"

Upcoming Live Show

A chance to hang out with your horny hosts LIVE (from your respective home or wherever you're most comfortable). The EIGHTH installment of Katie-Ellen's Online Comedy Variety Show Show OFF GO OFF (SHOW OFF GO OFF: VIII - Half Past June) will happen Saturday June 12th, 2021.

The show takes place online via Zoom and features standup, storytelling, music and fav segment Audience Show & Tell where members of the SOGO community invite viewers into their home and show or tell us all something weird or wonderful or some combination therein.

Tickets are by donation with 100% going to Covid-19 Relief in India.

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