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Episode #82 - Imagine Sock Puppets w/Tich Wilson

The horniness cup overflows this week when your HOM hosts are joined by actor, theatre creator, spoken word poet, educator, counselor and BABE extraordinaire Tich (Sarah) Wilson!!!! So put some pep in your butt (a phrase coined moments into this week's ep) and get into it.

What Were We Saying?

Tich generously shares about their experience with a string of diagnoses over the last few years, including a foundational one for ADD. They discuss their experience, both personally and from an academic perspective.

They also enlighten the HOM hosts on their Masters Thesis, Building on Resiliency: Recommendations for Schools on How to Provide Supports and Affirmative Care for Trans and Gender Non-Confirming Youth Experiencing Trauma.

Recommended Reading

They ALSO, provided a link to check out their own work. You can read Tich's substantial thesis here.


An avowed fan of the pod, our guest comes armed and ready with enough delightful shares that Amitai deems them "Professor Horny For" (which should be a limited series at least). Let's get into this sweet list.

  1. Keeping a Running List of Things They're Horny For I mean, a babe after our own heart.

2. Teachers jamming about students Usually we like our talk to be of the trash variety, but Tich extols the beauty in sharing common joys with their fellow educators and it is pretty much the most pure and lovely thing imaginable.

3. Trying on Other Perspectives

Do you try to imagine how others view you? Do you put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine their portrait of you? Tich and your hosts confess to dabbling in this.

4. "Saying that I know what the fuck I’m doing"

Hell. Yes. More of this, please.

5. "For only letting those who deserve to see the fullness of me see it"

What a blessing for those that deserve that richness and what an excellent ideal for certain podcast hosts to aspire to.


Not only did Tich bring their fine self AND bless us with their time and humour and insight...they also brought gifts!

For Amitai, this gorgeous plant mister:

And for Katie-Ellen, a walk through the beautiful world of LGBTQA+ flags in the form of gorgeous pins and stickers!

And Now a Gift For YOU...

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging without the sock puppet video, did you?

It's obvious in the episode but it bears repeating: Amitai and Katie-Ellen are full the brim with horniness and gratitude for this beautiful guest, and for y'all the incredible listeners. Thank you!!

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