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Episode #85 - Top Tier Tears w/An-Te Chu

Ohhh. This episode is an all out crush fest when we're joined by comedian, producer, teacher, dreamboat An-Te Chu!

"You can't cry to a book you don't understand." - An-Te Chu

An-Te is spitting wisdom out of the gate when he tells HOM hosts Katie-Ellen and Amitai about his recent "Off Main" habit of reading sad books and rating books by how they make him cry.


An-Te shares his interest in E-Sports and illuminates Katie and Amitai about the world of League of Legends. For more on E-Sports, check out this WIRED article "Why So Many E-Sports Pros Come From South Korea" or this short video.

Are Refs Lonely?

All this sport talk let the trio to talk about the rough life of professional referees.

Word Games

During a chat about word games An-Te drops another wisdom bomb:

"You have to cheat to get better."

And he gives his "cheat code":

As if getting to listen to An-Te wasn't enough, as a gift for enjoying you this episode, you are now rewarded with the greatest picture ever, of a HIGH SCHOOL AGED An-Te Chu:

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