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The Hosts

Your Horny OFF MAIN hosts are the best friend/platonic life mate/alienating to be around at parties duo of comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries and actor Amitai Marmorstein. They currently live approximately 60 steps from one another, off of Main street, in Vancouver, B.C.


Pictured here in their natural state: obnoxiously adorable.


Katie-Ellen Humphries

Katie-Ellen is a comedian and writer whose debut standup album Ladyfinger was released October 2020. Katie-Ellen is a regular on CBC Radio’s The Debaters where she has also worked as a writer and Associate Producer.

Katie-Ellen is afraid of most animals but is keen to see pictures.

T: @MsKatieEllen

IG: @MsKatie_Ellen

Amitai Marmorstein

Amitai Marmorstein is an actor whose recent TV and film appearances include Upside Down Magic (Disney) and Unspeakable (CBC). Fans recognize Marmorstein for his role as Lieutenant Assistent on Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Netflix) Oscar on Wayward Pines and more.

Amitai would very much like to play with your dog.

Amitai on IMDB

T: @AmitaiMars

IG: @AmitaiM

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