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Episode #73 - No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn

An alternate title for this episode could have been "Sleepy in Seattle." This episode finds Katie-Ellen recording remotely from Park Slope Brooklyn, after a quick stop over in old stomping grounds of Seattle.

Look at this Yankee ass sucker right here (but not at their gigantic pores, thankyouverymuch)

Decision Paralysis

Katie details the decision paralysis they experienced trying to decide what the right move was these days. As we enter the second year of the pandemic with less direction and more emphasis on "personal choices" and "individual responsibility" in the face of collective and systemic problems, it can feel like there are NO right choices.

What's your experience with decision making these days? What factors do you consider?

"Survival is not sufficient"

Katie shared this idea, shared by Station Eleven author Emily St John Mandel and originally gleaned from Star Trek and how it's a concept they are trying to unwrap and appreciate. Existing is not enough. It can feel incredibly difficult to pursue joy and connection and artistic fulfillment and other outlets these days in a way that feels safe, but it's also so important.

Another passage shared by St John Mandel in the interview Isaac Fitzgerald's Walk It Off substack newsletter struck a chord with Katie:

"But a real cultural difference between Canada and the US is that by and large Canadians listen to their public health officials. So my family won't gather if public health officials say don't gather, which is the way it should be. But it's culturally startling when I'm used to living in the US, where everybody just bends all of the rules all of the time and makes it up as they go along."

Horny For

This week Amitai is horny for quiet.

While Katie-Ellen is horny for the podcast "Where Should We Begin" with Esther Perel. You can check out the show here:

Amitai and Katie-Ellen are ALWAYS horny for the audience of listeners and this week shared a special thank you to this community for keeping them afloat and helping them to feel connected to a community outside their respective tiny apartments. So, THANK YOU!!

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