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Episode #70 - Open Book w/MJ Bourque

This week we're joined by the very funny and talented comedian, podcaster and exceptional hang MJ Bourque.

What's In a Name?

The episode starts with Katie learning her friend's exquisitely beautiful full name: Marie-Joelle. As well as some pretty dope nicknames, including: M-JO.

With name so tied to identity, what's your relationship to your name? Let us know!

Baader-Meinhof Effect

MJ generously illuminates HOM hosts on the Badder-Meinhof Effect:

Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is a frequency bias. You notice something new, at least it’s new to you. It could be a word, a breed of dog, a particular style of house, or just about anything. Suddenly, you’re aware of that thing all over the place.

Finally, a word for that!

Sharing What You Love

Amitai gets a little blushy about sharing tender beloved music with new crushes. Especially at one time those tender loverbugs the Moldy Peaches.

A moment which facilitated Katie-Ellen saying that Ami is "basically Elliot Page", which is the highest compliment paid on this or any podcast ever. Bless Elliot Page.

Check out more on the Moldy Peaches at

You're Not the Boss of Me, Me

In what instantly became a fav podcast moment, MJ shared about her anti-authority leanings. Most charmingly she referred to her teenage self as "very Ghost World" (and if that doesn't make you want to hang out with Teen M-Jo then you're built different than us).

I have a problem with authority. So, if I put too hard a rule sooner or later my punk kid brain is gonna be like 'fuck you, I can drink if I wanna. Fuck you, me from 3 months ago.' - MJ

Horny For

MJ shares some excellent horny fors, starting with a spicy one out of the gate: Flammin Hot Doritos. Bless.

EVERYONE on this episode is mutually horny for MJ's hair (and rightly so)

What Did I Miss?

We've been horny for it before and the horniness has only risen exponentially since then. Check out MJ's excellent and super fun podcast, "What Did I Miss?" were she invites funny friends and interesting folks to share with her movies or TV shows that were impactful to them growing up that she may have missed growing in French Canada.

"A podcast where a french-canadian expat discovers her anglo friends' childhood movies & TV shows."

Get it wherever you get your podcasts or check it out on Facebook.

Every Episode is excellent. Some particular HOM favs to start with are:

With special mention to #17 Mallrats with Max Bank-Jaffe, because that movie was arguably too important to Katie for quite a while and Max & MJ have excellent chemistry so they get 2 spots.

The HOM hosts are horny as ever for MJ and for all the listeners. Thanks so much for listening/being you.

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