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Episode #62 - Dance Zombie

We get spoooooooooky in this post-Halloween episode.

Just a pair of best friends dressed in actually not planned but still perfectly matching haunted Easter looks. Also pictured: Crucified Easter Bunny that now terrifyingly resides in Ami's closet.

Is Amitai Truly a Halloween Grinch?

Yes and no. Ami is 100% an "Adult Halloween" Grinch. Does not want to be asked to come up with a costume for your weird party. But. as Katie can attest to after walking the streets of Mount Pleasant on what was a perfect Fall evening this past Halloween, Amitai is 100% a kid Halloween enthusiast.

Why Katie Can Never Run for Political Office

Katie bravely came forward as someone who once actively and enthusiastically participated in a Flash Mob. It was a different time.

Thriller Flash Mob

Katie's outfit and general enthusiasm for Teenage Zombie Sluts stems from this song, performed by The Matadors.

Zombie Love

The move that Amitai mentioned with a Zombie love story (that he called "Warm Hearts") is actually called "Warm Bodies." You can check out the trailer here:

Dogs In Costumes!!!

Technically this was Amitai's "Horny For" this week, but when it's something this special it needs it's own section. As promised, a selection of excellent pups in extraordinary outfits.


This week Katie-Ellen is horny for gummy vitamins, and also these throw-back beauties (that you'd have to be Canadian to crave/remember).


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