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Episode #60 - Bad Care Day

We were gonna hold it back, but we know the real reason y'all are at the blog this week, ya freak beauties. Of course it's for the promised picture of Amitai's Dad, Rabbi Itzchak.

I mean, how could you not love this pic? C'mon!

You had a bad day...whatever your name is.

We do owe an apology to Daniel POWTER, whose name we forgot. But also...having now searched for him on the internet and discovered him to be this man, can you blame us?

Feel free to message us if you're having a bad day. We promise to be kinder to you than we were to this man.

Self-Care Smelph Care

Do whatever ya gotta do. It's tough, but try to resist feeling like you're not "doing self-care" properly. It's a lovely concept but mostly marketed to you to self bath products or whatever. You're doing great! And even if you don't feel great, you're likely doing the best you can and that's a LOT.

Domino Rally

Having just said not to give in to other people's ideas of self-care - you should listen when we tell you to watch some video of domino rally 'cause it's fun.

Horny For

This week Amitai is horny for older male friendship.

While Katie is horny for people taking pictures of leaves. Here's a pic of folks vying for the perfect Instagram shot in the HOM host's neighbourhood.


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