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Episode #59 - Furiously Triumphant w/Dana Smith

This week we welcome special guest comedian, sketch performer and all-around delight Dana Smith to pod.

Now, we're not ones to objectify comedians we admire...but look at this smoke show, would ya?

I'll Smile At Your Funeral

Dana's hilarious debut standup album, I'll Smile At Your Funeral is out now on Howl & Roar Records and you should listen to it IMMEDIATELY. You'll be glad you did.

Click the album cover or go to to check out the album.

If you're thinking, "that album art is siiiiiiick", and really, why wouldn't you be, you can check out more work by artist Sam Posnick at

What Exactly Is In a Paralyzer?

If Dana's description of her beverage made you thirsty, and again, how could it NOT have, peep the paralyzer recipe below.

Ice (as much as you want, this is your life)
3/4 oz (22 ml) vodka
3/4 oz (22 ml) tequila
1/2 oz (15 ml) coffee liqueur (eg. Kahlua)
4 oz (120ml) milk or light cream
2 oz (60 mil) cola

If you don't have all these ingredients, throw whatever you got in a glass. Fuck it! Have fun.

Make It a Blockbuster Night...If You CAN

The trio spend some time bonding over their shared history as adult virgins. All that time not hooking up you'd think would have left us time to follow our dreams, but 2 out of 3 us failed to secure a dream position at Blockbuster video. (Katie wouldn't have dared try).

Sir Andrew

The Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber anecdote shared on the pod has been confirmed. What a delight.

Horny For

Dana shares some incredible horny fors, including:

  • Canoeing

  • Hiking

  • Skiiing

  • Cooking/Entertaining

  • Painting

  • Candle Making

What struck Katie and Amita most was Dana's approach to these things.

She adds:

I’m so ignorant to how hard some of the things I’m choosing to do ARE, so it’s confidence through ignorance.

Honestly, Dana should add "Write Self-Help Best Seller" to her ample list of hobbies, 'cause that is a message that needs to be proselytized.

Dana also graciously got a bit vulnerable with HOM about the experience of putting out an album and it was a welcome reminder that both Katie and Amitai will carry with them.

I was able to compartmentalize enough to put out something that I view as imperfect - and that I know is imperfect - but it's like anything. Quick and dirty. Don't think about it too much. Paint the next door.

Paint. The. Next. Door.

Listen to Dana's album today. You deserve this fun.

P.S. It should be noted for the record that an alternate title for this ep was "Hot, Salty, Crispy, Gooey" and this is apt.

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