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Episode #57 - Teach a Man to Dish

This week's episode opens with Katie being a brat about Amitai generously helping her set up her new phone, which leads to a discussion of how decisions are extra daunting these days.

The Curse of Getting What You Want

This week Amitai wrangles with the mixed emotions that come along with getting something you pined after for a long time. Does a win make you nervous? Are you afraid when something good happens that there will be an equal negative thing that happens?

Also, how do you celebrate your wins?

If you have a win of any size, and you'd like some help celebrating that, we'd love to hear about it. (We know we called this very type of post "thirsty" on the pod - but we are the thirstiest. We have an entire podcast about it. So we sincerely would be thrilled to share your wins).

How about this win...

As promised check out Amitai in the Batwoman trailer. (Note from Katie: this is honestly kind of the main reason for a blog post as all this week. He's SO GOOD!!),

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