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Episode #55 - Go, Go, Go Broself w/Shmuel Marmorstein

Ohhh. It's a special one this week, sweet buns. We are joined by the one and only, older brother extraordinaire, SHMUEL MARMORSTEIN!!!

I mean, would you look at this handsome style icon? His intelligence and good humour is matched only by his choice of hat.

Fetch My Coat of Many Colours, Today I am a Man

Shmuelly comes out of the gate HOT with the reveal that he had a Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat themed bar mitzvah.

As promised on the pod, here is the indelible pic of Nicki Minaj at the bar mitzvah.

NOTE: We recorded this ep BEFORE Nicki tweeted about her cousin's finance's giant nutt sack, in case you wondered way we would have not mentioned that, for some reason.

Did you ever have a memorable themed event as a kid? Trust we wanna hear about it.

Adjusting to Canada

As the oldest of the Marmorstein kids, Shmuel was in 3rd grade when the family immigrated from Israel to Canad and he shared a bit about the cultural differences and the adjustments he had to make.

"One thing that was really difference about growing up in Israel and growing up in Canada - I think in Israel you're supposed to speak your mind at all times, you're supposed to always say what's on your mind, and I really learned in Canada you're supposed to hide everything behind a vast and complex web of manners."

Shmuel Teaches Us What We Should Have Learned in School Probably But Didn't 'Cause School Is Not Designed to Create Informed Citizens

Amitai and Katie-Ellen ask Shmuel to explain proportional representation voting, and why it's good. For a quick overview of what it is and how it works you can check out this short video.

Don't Forget to Vote (if You're an Eligible Canadian Citizen)

Ehh, sweet buds. The Federal Canadian is Monday September 20th, 2021.

Hit it, Donnie

If you're jonesing for some Donnie Osmond Joseph after all that talk, promise we wouldn't leave you hanging.

Love y'all.

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