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Episode #54 - Happy Jew Year!

L'Shanah tovah, lovies. May this episode, recorded on the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, bring you warm wishes for a happy and healthy new year (or at the very least an hour-ish escape with a couple of try-hards who think you're swell).

Breathe Into Your Balls (and Out Your Butt)

Moving from the sweetest well wish to just outright trash, Katie opens the episode with discussion of social media posts from a Canadian fringe political party candidate. (On the ep Katie was very dismissive of the party, and trust they are the stupidest, but we also know they are a real danger for sure, in the way initially small angry racist hate monger mobs are).

As mentioned on the pod, we do not have any interest in promoting this person or their political affiliation, but you CAN join us in ridicule of this stupid balls breathe.

Fellas, is it gay to breathe?

Also, before you view this next image, know that it came with the hashtag "No Fap Soldier" (not gonna hashtag it here for fear of being part of an army that never rubs one out. That's obviously no military we can support).

Truly, hashtag SEXENERGY.

Speaking of sexenergy (a note here that Katie apologies and takes full responsibility for this segue), HOM was thrilled to welcome to the pod...

Amitai's Mother, the Incomparable Sharon Bronstein

Truly a brilliant and blessed cameo by Sharon, as well as graced tolerance of us taking up her sacred space to record our silly little horny show. Just all around beloved.

Speaking of beloved support...

Corner Man

The hosts at one point discuss what it takes to be a good corner man in boxing and the difference a good support team can make.

If YOU need a little gassing up, know that we're here for that. Please feel free to slide into our show DMs, on Twitter or Instagram, or email us at if you could use a little boost. Whenever.

Horny Fors

It's back-to-school time and that's got Katie-Ellen talking like Joe Fox/Tom Hank's character in You've Got Mail:

Just horny as heck for fresh school supplies.

While Amitai, fresh off a stint in the hosts' formative artistic stomping grounds, is horny for the beautiful and expansive talent, collaboration and capabilities of the incredible and almost indescribable arts scene in Victoria, B.C. The musical he mentioned here is Ride the Cyclone.

Here's a little teaser, from the same company, of the project Ami was working on in Victoria.

As always, we remain ever horny for you dear listeners.

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