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Episode #53 - Meanie Babies

"Every Day a Rookie"

This episode comes out strong with this concept put forth by Amitai about the value and energy in trying to approach things like they are fresh and new. (It was in response to Katie's continued inability to announce the show properly - but a beautiful concept in any context.)

It's with that energy that we approach this fresh ep.

Katie Cries in a Rogers Store

There's certainly far more crushing things happening than having to replace a 6+ year old cell phone in a tiny Canadian dirt mall hungover on a Sunday afternoon, but that's was the straw that broke the camel's back of this unending gauntlet of a year for Katie for some reason.

Have you had any surprising emotional reactions lately?

Katie Back on Their Soapbox: Headphones Edition

Katie feels very passionately about this issue tearing at the fabric of our society: Apple and then subsequently every major cell phone manufacturer pivoting to wireless headphones. Kate doesn't wanna do it!

From Katie: Wireless headphones are trash and while I'm certain someday I will end up using them and maybe by that time will not even be able to remember what I was so worked up about can't believe I ever wore wired headphones. But that day is not today. Today I will cling to the headphone wire like Linus clings to his blanket.

Amitai Posits a Theory: The Virtue of Being Mean

"As a society we have decided being nice is good and being mean is bad. And while I agree with that in principle, in certain context, meanness is the best fucking thing."

Do y'all agree? Where for you is there beauty in meanness?

Being KIND vs Being NICE. "Nice" is meaningless without actual kindness. It's just empty polite politics.

Horny For

This week Katie-Ellen is horny for viral sensation of a super old shark. Are they 300 years old? 550 years? Is it real? Who cares?! Look at this beauty.

Amitai is horny for the move Sound of Metal.

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