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Episode #51 - This Kiss, This Kiss (We're Critical)

Editorial note: This post is a couple week's late. What can we say, it's been a TIME. But we wouldn't leave you hanging, you beautiful few who check the blog. Here's a bit of catch up content for ya and we'll be back on board this week.

Apart But Close as Ever

Horny hosts are separated by the sea this week, but as promised a pic of them vibing via the internet. ("Naw" was Katie-Ellen's chosen pronoun that eve. Just a full opt out).

Kissing's Sophomore Slump

One of the main thesis put forth in this episode is that 1st kisses rule and 2nd kisses drool - unless you're into a drooly kiss (no judgement), in which case 2nd kisses are whatever you find mildly disappointing. It's not really 2nd kisses fault. How could they live up to the eager anticipation and thrilling excitement of a first kiss? Still, they need to up their game. Bring something more to the table 2nd kisses. C'mon.

Sleeping Arraignments

Do you like to sleep with another person? Like, actually sleep. If so, what's your preferred co-sleeping position. Katie posits that butt-to-butt is ideal intimacy, while Ami is more of a classic spooner. Which brings up a real hot button issue for Katie-Ellen.

Katie-Ellen's Soapbox: THE SPOONS ARE THE SAME SIZE!

The whole concept of "Big Spoon" and "Little Spoon" is fundamentally flawed. That's not how spoons fit together. If you put different-sized spoons in the same compartment in your drawer, first of all why do you invite that level of chaos in your life, but secondly and more importantly, the spoons most assuredly do NOT fit together.

When two people "spoon" there is no "big" and "little" just "outside" and "inside" spoon. The concept that the inside spoon is "little" fundamentally makes it seem feminine and so if you like to be comfortably that way you are "small."

Bros - claim your space as the inside spoon. You deserve that kind of care.

Horny For

This week Katie-Ellen is horny for the thinly veiled passive aggressive announcements by B.C. Ferries who have had QUITE ENOUGH of everyone's shenanigans, while Amitai is horny for being in a city he doesn't live in.

Note from Katie on the episode title: Ami recently let me know he did not get the episode title reference and I forgot that he 1) doesn't listen to country music 2) never worked retail. If you worked retail in the early aughts it was impossible to escape Faith Hill and this little ditty.

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