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Episode #50 - Rejection Sectional

Sweet buds Amitai and Katie-Ellen huddle up this week to talk about the salty sting of rejection. But definitely do NOT despair. That tough topic leads to a reveal of something truly blessed: this image of young Amitai and the gift Wallace Shawn.

(Would have waited to drop this pic toward the end of the post, when it came up chronologically in the ep, but certainly we can all agree it's too good to hold back.) Enjoy the splendor.

Rejection Dejection

Katie-Ellen turns to her beloved co-host for some advice on how to handle rejection, after they first bemoan that there is no "debit & credits" system when it comes to validation. You can't shore yourself up for rejection based on instances where you've been accepted.

"It's not that rejection gets better, I get better at dealing with it" - Amitai

How about y'all? How do you deal with rejection? If you have any tips or tricks, or stories of times you've faced rejection and what that meant for you, we're keen to hear it.

Post Nuptial Agreement

Your horny hosts come up with yet ANOTHER app idea that fundamentally is "people who have crushes on us should have to tell us but in a way that's not scary." This week they pitch the "post nuptial agreement," an app where, post marital separation, you enter all your pre-marriage crushes and any that are down can let you know. Get at us, Silicon Valley.

During this segment Katie and Ami lament that it's still so difficult for men to post thirsty pics of themselves - which is a shame because it's FUN. It's fun to validate the shit out of your thirsty friends and we wish men had that kind of freedom. Katie's so worked up about it she wrote a whole bit about it on their album:

The Beach That Makes You Old...

Katie shares about how defensively she can only feel any kind of intense feeling for maybe 24-hours before their heart shores up all the walls. Amitai referenced the beach that makes you old movie, with an allusion that turns out to be quite apt (shout out to Shyamalan). On "the beach that makes you old", human cells regenerate so quickly that if you cut yourself, for example, it heals immediately. Because of that, it's almost impossible to conduct surgery because as soon as you cut into someone that wound heals. Which is to say...when the surface heals over too quickly you can't heal the internal thing. Damn.

Katie is a 38 Teen

Here is the episode of the beloved HUNKS podcaast, in which Katie is (rightly) roasted for not having gone through a breakup until their mid 30's.

Emotional Amor

Ami shares some hard won wisdom of how to stay afloat in the face of rejection.

"You dig through the shame and you come upon something that is true. Something that is valuable that is good and that you can't unprove. You can't even gaslight yourself out of believing. At times you might, but like that you actually truly are like 'ah fuck. yeah. I do rule at that. Okay. I am fucking dope. Okay.' And you build from there." - Amitai

Kudos File

Katie shares one of the best pieces of advice they ever received: Keep a Kudos File.

Keep a physical record of meaningful praise you've received, be it about career, life. relationships - anything. If you receive any messaging that is meaningful to you in that moment, if you're able, save it. Ideally keep an online document so you're able to reference it from anywhere. Add the date and who the praise came from and you can come back to the document when you need a reminder of how incredible you are.

If you feel any kind of way about getting started with that file, slide us a message. We'd be honoured to give ya something to start off.

"Remember the name Amitai Marmorstein..."

Here's a link to the review Katie mentioned and which even now, over a decade later, she's still stoked about:

Cop & A Half: New Recruit

Amitai wasn't lying (he's not prone to it, but still that movie sounded hella made up). Here's the trailer for the sweet flick in which our boy Ami got to meet Wallace Shawn and get tight with Katie-Ellen's forever dreamboat Lou Diamond Phillips.

Horny Fors

This week, Amitai is horny for involuntary reactions.

Katie-Ellen is (late to the game) horny for the T.V. show A.P. Bio (and also Lou Diamond Phillips, obvs)

As always, Ami and Kate remain eternally horny for y'all. Thanks for hanging out.

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