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Episode #49 – Throw Up, Have a Good Time w/Captain Avert Pyne

Shoulders back. Head up. Look alive, y'all. The Captain's in town.

This week Amitai and Katie-Ellen are thrilled to be joined by Katie's loooooong time dear friend, Captain Avert Pyne of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, a.k.a Ragtop a.k.a. #3 a.k.a the one and only Aver Flav.

Look at the wild things those pilots do!

The Snowbirds will be at the Abbortsford Airshow, THIS WEEKEND, Aug 6-8th, 2021. The show will be presented drive-in style this year. For info and tickets visit:

Dirtbags of Olde

In addition to a Demonstration Air Squadron Pilot, Ave is also a dedicated Horny OFF MAIN listener (swoon!) and opens the episode with an admission that, all the times Katie-Ellen has claimed to have been "raised by a pack of dirtbag dudes", that's his pedigree.

Kate wouldn't have it any other way.

Photos from this time have been redacted to not incriminate those involved. (Also it was before camera phones).


Ave educates the hosts on what it actually FEELS like to fly a jet upside down. Hint: it hurts. He graciously explains G-Force and also G-Units, which turns out are an actual measure and not what Katie & Ami thought, which is obviously this:

I Feel Ya

In addition to his experiences defying gravity, Ave generously shares about his experience with transition from military to civilian life, and his exploration, at 37 years old, of feeling his feelings. Turns out feelings are different than facts? Feelings are also the HARDEST and we at HOM could not commend this work more.

"It took a while to learn to live differently, and to admit that I was not able to express myself in a way that was really in a healthy relationship, so it was a big challenge transitioning to civilian life." - 44:33-44:49, Ep #49 HOM

What Makes You Happy?

Oof. What a question.

Have you asked yourself what makes you happy? When was the last time?

"I think money is going to make me happy. Having money will make me happy. But I make myself so unhappy sometimes in the search of getting money. That I'm like, this is just a viscous circle. I'm like ouroboros"

Ave shares with the hosts on his further exploration on what really makes him happy. Turns out, it's not money, that minx! In Ave's case, it might be pools.

In future, the Cap is excited to potentially explore a side hustle as a pool cleaner. In his love of pools he channels this absolute Himbo icon, and we could not be more into it.

The talk of what makes you happy was inspired, in part, by HOM ep#40 NEMESES. Which is a reminder that here at Horny OFF MAIN we are ALWAYS open to hearing about your Nemeses.

Horny For

Ave comes prepared (of course) with a GREAT list of Horny Fors, including:

Disc Golf Ave shares on his love of Disc Golf (don't call it "Frolf" you're embarrassing yourself :P) and the gang recap on a recent shot from the Disc World Championship that went viral recently.

Hotel with In-Room Laundry A simple and rare luxury.

Airports/Places with Water Bottle Re-Fill Fountains Again, a simple pleasure we should really see more of.

Between the Buried and Me Ave's horny for this band, and why the heck not. Check 'em out, if you're keen for a little taste of metal in your day.

Hail Mary Mallon

With Ave's appreciation to Apple Music for this recommendation.

Ave also shares his discovery of this article on Rappers, ranked by the number of unique words used in their lyrics, where Aesop Rock leads the pack.

Bonus Horny For

Now, Ami & Katie don't usually do "Horny Fors" when they have a guest, but Ami's "Horny For" arrived during the episode. Take a look at this truly unhinged show. (This was inadvertently included on the blog for Ep#47, but really what is time?)

Extra Juice

It should be noted, potential alternate titles for this episode included:

  1. Raised by Dirtbags w/Captain Avert Pyne

  2. Too Tall to Live w/Captain Avert Pyne

  3. Pretty Fly for a Tall Guy w/Captain Avert Pyne

Thanks Y'all

While Kate and Ami were obviously moon-eyed horny over their guest this week (fan bois gonna fan boi), your HOM hosts remain, as ever, extraordinarily horny for you. Thanks for sharing your time.

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