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Episode #47 - Deconstructing Confidence with Sean Amsing

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

This week we are joined by actor, writer, comedian, MC, musician, producer, host (and bunch of other things) Sean Amsing, AKA Kaboom Atomic.

"The new plague is joy" - Sean Amsing

Beyond What's Comfortable

When the trio get over being mad at the moon they discuss some of that awkward adjustment everyone has to go through these days as we re-open up our lives and re-adjust to some pre-pandemic activities. Katie-Ellen sites a newsletter by Vancouver comedian Charlie Demers titled "The discomfort is part of getting you to comfortable: An obsessive-compulsive's advice on reopening anxiety.

"With support and with guidance, continued, controlled exposure to situations just beyond where I was comfortable helped to expand that category itself — what I was comfortable with — to a vastness I could never have conceived of in the abstract."

Birthdays: Yay or Nay? Do You Like 'Em?

Sean shares some beautiful pandemic birthday experiences and the gang chat about folks who love their birthday and folks that hate it.

Where do you fall on that spectrum?

Luke Warmtake & Warm Hand Luke

This is really just an invitation for anyone who wants to draw Amitai and Katie as their personas, born out of this episode.

Try Hard

For some reason, in the '90's and early '00's, "try hard" was the WORST thing you could call someone. Like the cringyest, most pathetic thing you could do was to visably put effort into something. What a terrible decade.

Sean embodies the opposite of this and shares about how he actively and wholly throws himself into all the projects he works on.

"I honestly think the 'tortured artist' thing is a waste of time. Sometimes, and I've been there so many times, as somebody who's really hard on themselves and every single time I do it I ask a friend for support and then they, you know, revalidate that I'm fucking amazing, and I'm like 'oh, I just did that 'cause I wanted someone else to think that I was amazing.' Maybe I can just skip the step of being insecure and I can just think it myself." - Sean

May Sean's words inspire you to try to be your own fan club. (And if you ever forget you're fucking amazing, slide in the HOM DM's or email and we'll remind you).

Horny Fors

Sean brings some hot horny fors, starting with Rupaul's Drag Race.

As well as the show Legendary. "If you slay, you stay."

Also on the list: Burgers that taste like baseball games. (You know that one's close to Katie-Ellen's heart).

Sean is ALSO horny for justice, which is to say "the pursuit of 'Karens' on the Internet.

Amitai references a great segment from previous "Horny For" show Ziwe. If you haven't seen that Karen segment, give it a look.

"We're not a sex show, but sex is allowed on the show" - Amitai

Sean saved his horny Horny For for last, and shares that he is horny for comfort. Slip into something ACTUALLY more comfortable, like a fuzzy onesie, and IT IS ON.

Keep Up With Sean

Instagram: @kaboomatomic

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