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Episode #46 - Gut Check Summer

Coming in HOT this week, with talk of booze, drugs and then in classic Katie/Amitai fashion a bunch of stuff that's less cool (feelings probably :P).


Iconic older brother of the pod Shmuel Marmorstein aptly observed that any two short syllable words in front of the word summer make it an event fitting of June-Sept 2021. Not comfortable with "Hot Girl Summer?" Take a page out of Katie-Ellen's book with "Hot Mess Summer." Wanna celebrate the best summer food around? Hot Dog Summer. Feel like a shell of your former self just trying like hell to keep it all together? Scotch Tape Summer. The possibilities abound.

What Two Word Summer Are You Feeling These Days?

*Remember, the two words of your "two word summer" can change hourly, should you so desire


Just in time for Hot Gurl Summer, Amitai's got himself a hot new nickname: Amitight. (Will also accept "Tight-Tai.") Use it well. Use it Often.

Drunk Elephants

Amitai relates a story of buying a bottle of booze when he was 19 strictly because of the elephant on the bottle, not realizing that it was a liqueur or also what a liqueur is. NOTE: Amitai and then subsequently Katie-Ellen mistakenly say "Amaretto" (another liqueur) when they mean "Amarula." The fruit Katie mentions that the elephants eat and get fucked up on is the marula fruit.

I think we can all agree this slogan for this product is...weird?

The important thing to remember is elephants like to party.

How Do You Trust Your Gut?


Katie-Ellen shares on how they are spending some times these days reflecting on how often they ignore their own internal compass and trying to commit to listening to and honoring instincts. But also, "how you do that?"

Horny Fors

This week Amitai is horny for "PAUSE with Sam Jay."

Katie-Ellen is horny for the debut comedy album "Words" from hilarious and beloved comedian Rojo Perez.

Get the album here:

Check out Rojo's recent Tonight Show appearance here:


Catch Amitai's recurring character in Apple TV's upcoming "SCHMIGADOON!" with Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong. Show drops July 16th, 2021.

Katie-Ellen Live Performances

Katie will be co-headlining Kino Cafe with hilarious Jane Stanton Saturday July 17th (call Kino for a reservation) and will headline two amazing shows July 26th and 27th at Victoria's Canoe Brewpub. Click here for tickets & info on the Victoria shows.

As ever, we remain eternally horny for y'all. Thanks for listening/reading.

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