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Episode #45 - With Great Flowers Come Great Responsibility

An ocean separates our guests this week, but nothing can stop this giggle fest.

Lead Us

Amitai opens the episode with the story of how he almost inadvertently became a cult leader for wayward teen boys. I think we can all agree the world is worse for it.


Katie-Ellen confesses a questionable/potentially problematic stance of being pro-catcalling (with a hefty caveat of their privilege and also don't be a creep about it.) Amitai shares a powerful memory of a mutual "look back" with a stranger (the dream!) and how it lives in perfection in his memory.

Have you had a passing perfect interaction with a stranger that stuck with you?

"Hey...Have You Been Working Out?"

Amitai's been "exercising" - his vague word choice for lifting weights and people are noticing. Which brings up the excellent rule of thumb for our times: DON'T TALK ABOUT PEOPLE'S BODIES.

When Will We Stop Having 80's Themed Parties?

Horny Fors

This week Katie-Ellen is back home on Vancouver Island and is euphoric over the ridiculous beauty of it.

Also, the Humphries house was ABUZZ over "Big Egg" (TM). As promised, the very big egg that Katie is STILL fixated on. Big Egg stays with them.

Amitai is horny for FLOWERS.

As ever, we remain horny as all heck for YOU, reader. Thank you.

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