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Episode #43 - You May Meet a Stranger...(Ugh)

This week your intrepid hosts break new ground when they go on a date together. Not like that.

Less this:

More this:

In Defense of the Third Wheel

In a continuation of everything in the world being upside down, this week Katie-Ellen found herself on a date with a stranger. Naturally, Katie invited her favourite person Amitai to join her. He is, after all, their co-host. Amitai arrived at the date-in-progress and it immediately went from a awkward interview between a beautiful man and Katie (a 12-year old boi masquerading as a well-coifed lady) to a fun and friendly hang amongst neighbours.

Why try to force chemistry when you can call it in from the sidelines?

Why did "being a third wheel" get such a bad rap? If you have a two-wheel bicycle, sure an extra wheel is superfluous, but a THREE-WHEEL bike is never not awesome.

Most cars have 4 wheels. Fine. In that case, a fifth-wheel would be the "needless tag-along." Have you seen a fifth wheel? They are SIGNIFICANTLY nicer than the apartments of most people we know.

Point is, bring your pals along on dates. Also, ask Amitai & Katie-Ellen out, package deal.

Are You Scared or Are You Just You?

Amitai brings up an interesting question this week when he asks "What are the things you're doing [or in the case often of Katie-Ellen, NOT doing] because you're nervous and what things are inherently part of you?"

How do you tell the difference?

We don't have the answer. Which brings us to:

Dating By Committee

Katie-Ellen throws it out to the listeners: should they go on a 2nd date with the beautiful French stranger? Seems like they don't want to - but also, what does she know?

Horny Fors

A bit of energy has crept back into Ami's heart and he comes in HOT with a great horny for when he shares his love for the Newsletter "Unsnackable" by folu:

a small tantrum about obscure and limited edition snacks, beverages and fast food from around the world that I want but cannot have
A girl trying to cope with a deeply ingrained "there's rice at home" mindset by dreaming about inaccessible snacks & cooking complicated food in a tiny kitchen.

This week Katie is horny for the experience of watching sports with other people. Twitter has been a savor for that experience during the pandemic, and both Katie and Amitai have enjoyed that, but this week Katie watched a playoff hockey game, IN A BAR WITH OTHER HUMAN PEOPLE and there truly is nothing like it.


We remain, as ever, horny as all heck for the Hornettes and anyone who checks out the show. Thanks for being here. Sincerely.

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