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Episode #37 - Kick Rocks

Welcome to the blog of a 5-STAR PODCAST (also thank you for that).

Ohhh. Look at those beautiful stars. Sincerely, we're SO incredibly grateful to everyone who listens to this show and to those of you who took the time to give us a rating on Apple Music (iTunes). It helps a lot.


Ami & Katie-Ellen are eternally horny for those listeners who also took the time to provide a written review.

To the following people, you are now in possession of a life-long crush from two nerd podcast pals.

  • LaurenDeborah (Icon!)

  • Rag Top 2 (Absolute dream boat!)

  • Raleir (We would follow you anywhere!)

  • RA2328 (Bless your head!)

  • Quindependence Day (The coolest!)

  • MelanieKarin (You are our hero!)

  • Bankind (Legend!)

Can You Take a Compliment?

If so, could you teach us how? Is there a pamphlet we can pick up or a correspondence class to take? Why is it so hard? If you can graciously accept (really accept) a compliment, may we say, kudos.

That's What an Artist Is...

Speaking of compliments, one of Katie's favourite people to compliment is pal of the podcast Nigel Mojica of Friends with the Help and a favourite thing to compliment him on is a favourite bar in one of their songs that addresses exactly what Amitai and Katie talk about off the top of this episode:

"I'm a narcissist with low self-esteem. That's what an artist is." - Nigel Mojica

What is Success?

The question we come back to time and again on this pod. This week we wrestle with how to undo the capitalist brainwashing that taught us that our worth is based on material gain. Amitai reiterates that not everything you do has to have monetary value.

In case you need to hear it this week: If you never did another thing for the rest of your days, you remain ENOUGH.

Amitai and Katie-Ellen discuss how the most rewarding outcome from any of their pursuits, both personal and professional has been connection. (It's what makes doing THIS show and getting to connect with y'all such a blessing).

To continue the trend established above of leaning on Vancouver M.C.'s to say what we're driving at, the theme of this episode can be summed up in a beautiful track by beloved friends of the pod K-Rec and Estea Elements of their album Existentialazarus. The track is "Connection feat. Abiden."

"'Cause when I realize connection's what I do it for and through connection peace and love I knew I had to do it more" - Estea El

Horny Fors

This week Amitai is horny for personalized notes on food delivery. I mean, c'mon - cutest.

Katie is horny for her new Dickies coveralls, which have already become a uniform (and HAVE been posted on Instagram as predicted).

Why yes, that IS a custom enamel pin on the lapel of Katie-Ellen, styled like Britney Spears during her iconic MTV Video Awards performance of Slave For You but in place of a python I have a comically oversized hotdog. Where does one get such a treasure? So glad you asked.

You can get your very own Katie-Ellen Hot Dog Pin at

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