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Episode #36 - The Milk of Amnesia w/Danielle Janess

This week your HOM hosts stretch some CanLit muscle when they welcome to the pod poet, writer, actor and beloved friend Danielle Janess.

The Milk of Amnesia

Danielle's latest published work, a book of poetry titled "The Milk of Amnesia", was released March 2021.

Danielle Janess's debut poetry collection resists the erasing effects of war, nationalism, and forced migration. Following the speaker's arduous relocation to a twenty-first-century Europe still etched with the wounds of the past, the poems take on daring forms and language, becoming theatre, film clips, photographs, and dance, all embodied by a cast of characters marked by the violence of the last century.

Read more about the collection here.

The Milk of Amnesia accompanying short film, supported by the BC Arts Council.

Creation in a Time of Collective Grief

Off the top of the episode, after a certain amount of embarrassment over the phrase "living out loud" (Katie stands by it as a concept but still struggles with their own level of unabashed earnestness) the trio discuss what it feels like to create something to be put out to the public during this time. Danielle sums it up well:

It’s strange to make an offering in the world, at this time in the middle of a pandemic. There’s a lot of awkwardness around that for anyone I think, even if you’re really smooth and sharing your work or sharing your person is your jam – and especially if not.

If you've struggled to make space for something you've created during this time, or to celebrate an accomplishment or a special event like a birthday or anniversary, know that a certain two horny podcast hosts are ALL THE WAY HERE FOR IT. A crux of the show is a celebration of anyone being able to muster enthusiasm in these times. So if you've accomplished something you're proud of, even if that's continuing to be alive, know that we celebrate it. Especially if you've lost someone you thought would share it with you. Podcast pals are a small consolation for sure, but you've got us nonetheless.

Fear of Poetry

Amitai confesses to a history of being intimidated by poetry (though he is in love hard with Danielle's book). Danielle helps to unlock what is special about poetry and what the power of rhythm has on us.

The following is an image poem by Katie-Ellen, titled "Respectfully Professor, gimme a break?"

I mean, scissors DO look like a weird puppet. That hippie might have had a point. She also brought homemade chocolate chip cookies into class so, a lot to consider.

To Be or Not To Be...a Fan of Shakespeare

Ultimately, whatever does it for ya. If you dig it, great. If not, you're not lesser. But if you hail Shakespeare as the top of the game but can't open your imagination to MUSICAL THEATRE rap, this podcast posits that maaaaaayebe it's not poetry you like so much.

Regardless, I think we can all agree this Gif of Billy Shakes detached eyelid wink is pretty upsetting.

Horny For

Danielle is horny for BBC Gardening and Home Reno shows, and c'mon PREACH.

Amitai and Katie-Ellen are horny as all heck for Danielle's book. Sincerely. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

See more about the book on Instagram: @themilkofamnesia

Live Show THIS SATURDAY May 8th

A chance to hang out with your horny hosts LIVE (from your respective home or wherever you're most comfortable). The SEVENTH installment of Katie-Ellen's Online Comedy Variety Show Show OFF GO OFF (SHOW OFF GO OFF: VII - May, As Well) will happen Saturday May 8th, 2021.

The show takes place online via Zoom and features standup, storytelling, music and fav segment Audience Show & Tell where members of the SOGO community invite viewers into their home and show or tell us all something weird or wonderful or some combination therein.

Tickets are by donation with 100% going to PHS Community Services Society.

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