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Episode #35 - Sick Paid Leave, Bro

Here at HOM we love this silly little show, and we sincerely love these silly little recaps. That said, even stuff you love needs a little break once in a while (like how if you try to eat sour patch kids all day your tongue will bleed).

This week, we could all use a bit of a breather. So, in place of our usual ground-breaking commentary and recap, please enjoy this picture of Nicolas Cage as an absolute, Covid-conscious style icon 'cause it's great.

Don't Miss SHOW OFF GO OFF: VII - May, As Well

The next Online Comedy Variety Show, featuring Katie-Ellen as producer and host, with hot cameos by the most crushworthy HOM co-host Amitai, will happen Saturday May 8th, at 7pm PDT. The sweet lineup also includes comedians DeAnne Smith,Tin Lorica and Soo Jeong, resident party-starter DJ Spinintonic and more.

Tickets are pay-what-you-want by donation. 100% of ticket proceeds this month go to HUA Foundation.

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