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Episode #33 - Get a Load of These Hunks w/Tim Gray

How fitting on our Tim Riggins* episode we welcome another legendary Tim, comedian Tim Gray.

Pictured: Comedian Tim Gray & his beautiful moustache.

*Katie dubs anything with the magical number 33 as "Tim Riggins" in honor of TV's heartthrobbyest fullback/running, Dillion Panthers'/Friday Night Light's own #33 Tim Riggins (played by Canada's Taylor Kitsch). In future, anytime you hear someone say 33 is their "Jesus year" you can sub in Tim Riggins. No one can stop you.

But back to this week's epic Tim. The episode opens with Tim filling in Amitai about getting married to his hilarious comedy partner and beautiful wife Dana on stage in front of friends, family and 1,400 strangers at a Winnipeg casino during a taping of CBC Radio's The Debaters.

Will You Mary Me...On Public Radio?

Pictured: (L) Tim in rented tux, on one knee, proposing to Dana in the closer of his debate, overseen by host Steve Patterson. (R) Tim in his tux & Dana in her wedding dress during their post-debate wedding ceremony with officiant Lara Rae.

Excuse me sir, may I please have your daughter's hand?

All this wedding talk leads the gang to talk proposals. I think we can all agree, the more public the proposal, the more as an on-looker you hope for a rejection, like this weird compilation.

Farmer Vision Porn

If the free channels you can pick up on any TV in the country with an antenna is "Farmer Vision", than the underwear section of the Sear's Catalog is the "Farmer Vision of Porn" and also what a young, burgeoning bi-sexual Tim Gray stole away and hid as contraband.

London/Violet: It's Okay to Just Roll Around On the Floor for a Bit

Katie shares a valuable lesson learned from the Death, Sex & Money podcast episode titled "Masks On, Tops off: Inside a Texas Strip Club. You can check out the full episode here.

Remember, as we hopefully soon start to ease back into post-pandemic life, it's okay if you're not ready to jump immediately back to who and where you were 2 years ago.

The Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Tim shares about the book that helped him and a bunch of fellow Winnipeg comics kick their darts habit. (He incorrectly credits Katie for turning him on to the book, which is ENDLESSLY flattering since that credit goes to the incredible Nikki Glaser.)

If you want to check out that book, you can find it here.


The exciting news of the episode is that Tim's sketch comedy troupe "HUNKS", which consists of Tim, Rory Fallis, Matt Nightingale, and Dana Smith, have a new album "Mouth Beef" out NOW.

Thanks y'all

As always, the HOM hosts remain horny as heck for listeners to this show. You can always reach out at or get at us on socials.

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