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Episode #31 - Get Naked w/Steph Dixon

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Ohhhhh boi, is it a good one this week. Absolute GIFT of a human Stephanie Dixon joins us and it gets real.

Pictured: Steph with her beauty pooch next to a river in her beauty home of Whitehorse, Yukon.

As covered in the podcast intro, Steph's incredible CV includes:

  • Member of Order of Canada

  • Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

  • B.C. Sports Hall of Fame

  • University of Victoria Athletics Hall of Fame

  • 19-time Paralympic Medalist and World Record Holder

Pictured: Steph in racing swim suit/gear diving off the blocks inot the pool at the start of a race.

More important is Steph's incredible heart, humour and compassion and the way she shows up for herself and others.

"Is Everything I Do Trying to Heal Past Trauma?"

We're outta the gate strong with that juicy brain buster and just go deeper from there. The trio discuss their desire to "validate the shit out" of others after so many years feeling no validation for themselves.

Steph adds some great thoughts about the importance of recognizing the ways in which we have an impact on others, even unintentionally.

“I don’t know if it’s a Canadian thing or a Canadian women thing, but we do tend to want to minimize or make ourselves smaller so we don’t seem boastful and things like that, but we do have to recognize when we become leaders, and it might be by accident, but when we become role models for others I think a lot of women want to be like ‘oh no no no’ and minimize their impact. But that’s not serving anyone. We have to recognize when our words and actions impact the people around us. Whether we want to be leaders or role models or not, a lot of women are there. I think it’s beautiful to recognize that and then be intentional about what we are trying to give to the next generation coming up”

Horny for Nakedness

With full respect to the "never nudes" out there, we are pretty into Steph's horniness to get naked. Amitai did some detective work to investigate the journey Steph went on in order to become comfortable with her body while Katie picked up a particular strategy to help her Bubble Bud.

Related: If any of you know some chill seniors who want to get soaped up, get at us.

"I worked very hard to be proud to have my vag out" - Steph Dixon

Journey of Self Expression

Steph shared a bit about her journey to discover what parts of her self-expression are true to herself which leads the gang to talk all things PUBES. Steph also reveals her love of Lagertha from "Vikings." Which upon inspection fully checks out:

"Excuse me...are you Josh Groban?"

If things don't work out in this oh so lucrative podcast game, looks like Amitai has a solid fallback as a celeb look-a-like.

Safe Sport

In keeping with Horny OFF MAIN's habit of being unofficially a sports podcast for and by non-sports folks, we were keen to talk to Steph about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, originally scheduled for summer 2020 but postponed due to pandemic and currently scheduled to start July 23rd, 2021. Steph is currently set to accompany Canada's Paralympic Team to Tokyo in her role as "Che De Mission." Read more about Steph's role here.

“The goal of sport should be wellbeing of athletes and the development of athletes and that if you get a medal that’s just a great by-product and that’s the model that really rings true to my values and I’m hoping to be a part of a change in our sport culture.”

Horny For

In an episode that was already Peak Horny (TM), Steph blessed us with a beautiful list of horny fors, including:

  • Online Chess

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • Peeing in the shower

And most generously in term of sharing - masterbating in the car. Bless her all day.

Not that the episode isn't reward enough, but for listening to this extra long one and for joining us here on the blog, please enjoy this pic of a bear cub ambling across the road in breathtakingly gorgeous Whitehorse that Katie took from Steph's car on a beloved visit.

Pictured: A tiny black bear club crosses an otherwise deserted tree-lined 2-lane highway on a sunny day with bright blue sky and snowcapped mountains on the horizon.

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