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Episode #30 - Don't Be Such a Wet Casket

This week finds Amitai in a self-imposed isolation (physically and emotionally) and as such going all in on pretending he doesn't exist.

But he does! Thank goodness.

While Amitai cops to chasing the early pandemic feeling, Katie-Ellen actively runs from it. The pair discuss how trauma and grief can live if your body and how they are triggered by events and anniversaries. Just some real light chat.

The talk of Amitai's isolation dreams and what he really wants out of this time prompts the hosts to unveil what is sure to be a billion dollar idea (get at us, Tech Psychos):

The Recreational Coma (TM)

Focus Group for "Styctn": If you could be put into a recreational coma - would you?


All this talk of comas led Katie to remember the year three different individuals gifted them Float Tank gift certificates. (Apologies to those thoughtful loved ones - Katie has yet to float).

And now a picture of Katie's bliss.

Things Get Disgusting

The pair discuss their disgusting.

Horny For

This week Amitai is horny for his mother's new passion for painting and the opportunity to share in that.

Katie is horny for a new comically long phone charger. Let this be a reminder, if you need it, to get yourself that extra charger or extension chord or whatever small household thing that costs a nominal amount, is relatively easy to come by and will drastically improve your quality of life.

This next part is not for the faint of heart...

Bless your sweet heart for reading this blog. As promised, a photo of the latest addition to Katie's apartment, as gifted by Elderly Neighbour, aka The Dutchess.

Currently accepting prayers and also any name suggestions for the cursed clown.

P.S. from Katie: At this point Ami and his exceptionally great hair are just showing off. I mean, c'mon! You seeing that?

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