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Episode #26 - Good Night for Just Us

Do you get excited about space?

That's the question that starts us off this week. For Katie-Ellen the answer is solidly: Naw. Too big. Amitai is more enthusiastic, but that may or may not be Jodie Foster influenced so, do with that what you will.

For Katie, a far greater fascination is the ocean, which leads to a conversation about how almost inconceivably big Blue Whales are and how it's weird we're not talking about them ALL THE TIME. These glorious beasts are just out there - BEING HUGE - RIGHT NOW.

Amitai has the brilliant pitch for a Blue Whale hologram exhibit you can walk through (trademark!). Get at us, investors (and also hologram makers).

All this Blue Whale talk led bestie hosts to discuss what other animals seem like they shouldn't exist at the same time as us? What do you think?

What About FOMO - You Got It?

Amitai shares about his process with FOMO (and some arguable severe cases within his family), while Katie gratefully shares she more often experiences ROMO.

Romo: Relief Over Missing Out - The feeling of being comforted that you don't have to do a thing or go somewhere.

26 episodes in and this week is the first time Amitai mentioned his role in probably the most important film of our time. He did NOT mention it was directed by Jason Priestley! Brandon & Dylan, collaborating & possibly wearing chaps? Way to bury the lead, Marmorstein.

You're welcome:

Foot Note

Once again Katie is jealous of Amitai's WikiFeet.

Horny For

This week Amitai is horny for Descriptive Audio while Katie goes against the grain and is horny for people playing music from their personal devices (Bluetooth speakers, smart phones, boom boxes etc.) out load in public. Truly, it's glorious. Go on. Sing the songs you wanna sing.

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