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Episode #25 - Give it your (less than) all

On this besties ep, Amitai and Katie-Ellen delve into their status as “Reformed Haters”, what it takes to be successful and how to care less.

Do You Have to Be a Narcissist to Be Successful?

What do you think? Certainly personal advancement requires some selfishness, but can you succeed without being totally self involved? One of Katie's former swim coaches, who has spent his career among Olympic athletes, thinks so. But that dude also thought weighing teenagers multiple times per week was a cool thing to do so let's not put too much stock in those ideas.

But - Can You Succeed in Showbiz with a Small Head?

Katie revealed a long-held insecurity this week: that she'll never make it as on-camera talent because of her small head. Not unusually small necessarily - not remarkably so. Like people don't walk by on the street and say "dang, look at that pinhead" - partly because her nogin is more or less proportionate to her body but also 'cause that would be super rude.

But there is the established convention that people who look good on camera are folks with tiny bodies and giant heads. Because what we all really want is real life Bratz Dolls, obvs.

The Real Message of This Episode is...Try Less Hard

For real. No more "give it your all" ALL THE TIME. Not everything deserves your all. MOST things don't. Your job, if you don't love it and maybe even if you do, doesn't. Your partner doesn't. I wanna say your kids do, but that doesn't seem sustainable.

Ami fills Katie in on NBA athlete Kyrie Irving and also "load management" which is not what it sounds like. Unfortunately named though it might be, it's a pretty exciting development in professional sport. You know, the idea that pro athletes are people.

Load management is an offshoot of modern sports science research that can help predict when players are most vulnerable to injury and in need of protection.

You can't empty the tank on every undertaking forever. Katie has shared previously about her experiences with over exercise and perfectionism and the years of recovery it took to get back to a regular level of function.

So, we hope you enjoyed this episode and sincerely hope you feel inspired to get out there and give it a solid 70% or so.

Horny For

This week Amitai is horny for for Feng Shui Tik Tok:

While Katie is super horny for the show Superstore (bless and keep Lauren Ash).

A little hockey fight, for good measure...

While not technically shared during official "Horny For" share time, Katie and Amitai did share a lot of love for the Jay Baruchel/Evan Goldberg movie Goon and they're definitely rightly horny for it. Give yourself the treat of watching this movie or at least take 2 minutes and enjoy the trailer.

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