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Episode #23 - Comparative Simp

Best bubble buds Amitai and Katie-Ellen take to the digital blanket fort to trade tales of pandemic depresh, body swap technology, wish names, and how to tell when it’s Spring (hint: it’s when the titties sprout).

The episode starts with pandemic depression. We don't want it to - but what are we, out having new experiences? Amitai and Katie chat about how difficult it is to reach out to people right now when "how are you?" feels like a burden. (This is also consequently why there's no guest this week - but hold on to your butts 'cause not only is it a great episode we've got a great guest ep coming up around the corner).

Is everyone in their own personal hell?

Amitai and Katie-Ellen chat about how everyone's circumstance right now vary wildly, but one consistent thing that most people share is how things are pretty shit for everyone. Amitai posits that Body Swap Technology (TM) would do banner business right now, with everyone eager to experience anything outside of their existence and Katie suggests that he and his sister could swap and no one would call them on it. As proof, here is a picture of Ami paired with one of his sister.


Katie also tries to stunt cast the Marmorstein body-swap flick and suggests sibling darlings Jason and Justine Bateman. Amitai suggests and upgrade (respect to Jason & Justine) by way of the Gyllenhaals - which Katie responds to respectfully and definitely does NOT laugh in her beloved pal's sweet face.

Dream Names

The mention of Maggie prompts Katie-Ellen to confess she's always a little jealous of a gal named Maggie or Molly (especially Molly), for their overall Maggie/Mollyness. This imaginary Molly is good at arts and crafts, knows things about art and cool indie music and bakes and is slight and wears natural fibers and is delicate in a way that is apparently threatening to Katie, a person who can not cross-stitch but who will help you change your oil. Despite "failing" in every aspect of being an "indoor gal" Katie nonetheless declares herself "a real Zoey Deschanel type."

Amitai (perhaps for a 2nd time?) shares that is dream name is Zach (Zack?) and issues a challenge to the listener to come up with an uncool Zach. Good luck with that fool's errand.

What's your dream name?

Tom Jones: '60's Lounge Hunk or Perfect 2021 Artist?

In 2008, the New York Times called Jones a musical "shape shifter", who could "slide from soulful rasp to pop croon, with a voice as husky as it was pretty". 2021 Katie-Ellen called him a Millennial icon designed to be celebrated on Twitter.

Having listened to T.J., aka Tom Jones aka Sir Thomas John Woodward (dude's a full knight even) earlier in the day, because she lives her live well, Katie noticed the man has the glib, laughing approach to announcing a desire to die as the most detached Twitter star. A star for our times.

Opening lines of Jones' Hit It's Not Unusual:

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone It's not unusual to have fun with anyone But when I see you hanging about with anyone It's not unusual to see me cry Oh I wanna' die

From Wikipedia:

Jones has stated that he had sex with up to 250 groupies a year at the height of his fame. His philandering once led Linda (his wife) to assault him. Jones had affairs with well-known women, including Mary Wilson of the Supremes, TV host Charlotte Laws,[100] and former Miss World Marjorie Wallace.[101] In a 2008 interview with Blender magazine, Cassandra Peterson (better known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) revealed she lost her virginity to Jones.

Horny Fors

This week, Amitia is horny for great Sports Announcers, like NBA Analyst Doris Burke.

Katie is horny for Verzuz Sports, a truly joyful celebration of comradery, achievement, roasting and sport.

Don't Forget - Upcoming Event

A chance to hang out with your horny hosts LIVE (from your respective home or wherever you're most comfortable). The fourth installment of Katie-Ellen's Online Comedy Variety Show Show OFF GO OFF (SHOW OFF GO OFF IV: Zoom is for Lovers) will happen Saturday February 13th, 2021.

The show takes place online via Zoom and features standup, storytelling, music and fav segment Audience Show & Tell where members of the SOGO community invite viewers into their home and show or tell us all something weird or wonderful or some combination therein.

This month's show also happens to take place on Katie's birthday - a thing she would normally never share but if it improves the chances of you coming to the show, so bit it.

Tickets are by donation with 100% going to PHS Community Services Society.

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