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Episode #20 - Killer Hornettes with Abdul Aziz

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

This week, Amitai and Katie-Ellen are THRILLED to welcome comedian, writer, producer and all around love bug Abdul Aziz to the pod, pictured below in in stereo surround conference call.

Abdul feels like he fumbles early on with a botched "hello", certain to become a HOM with Abdul Aziz staple, beloved by fans the world over. Boi does he recover! Coming in hot with a list of 9 things he's "OFF MAIN" about. Oh, you thought it would be a Top 10? Tacky.

Abdul's beautiful 9 OFF MAIN things are recounted here, in the order they were on the pod, which is to say, sloppily and all over the place.

In Spots #6 & #7: His Attire/The Way He Dresses

Abdul rocks the fuck outta a suit. No argument about it. As he states, he "dresses like he's in a Guy Richie Sherlock Holmes." This part of the episode begs the question "do these arm garters make my dick look good?"

#9 Being a "Dirketctive"

Abdul admits to being starstruck by Amitai because of his work on the show Dirk Gently.

#9-1 Fitting in as a Kid

This wasn't technically on the list/was a by-request topic from Katie-Ellen based on a hilarious bit from Abdul's act about being an immigrant kid in an immigrant family and the pressure to have to represented ALL people from where you are from, and the behaviors that come out of that.

This also leads to talking about how when you're an adolescent everyone is in their own personal hell.

#3 Teen Wolf

"Not the one you're thinking of..." The sexy teen TV re-make. This boy wolf plays lacrosse.

#2 Keto Diet

Y'all get it. Diet stuff always feels weird, no matter the reason.

#8 The Movie The Hangover

No shame in this game.

This point does bring up that moment when you go to a concert, look around at everyone else that likes that band, notice that they are all assholes and have to really take a look at your life.

#4 Masterbating as a Teen

He doth pertest too much. Ahhhh horniness, the cornerstone of OFF MAIN behaviour. Remember, we are ALL the kid who says he doesn't masterbate...and also Ally Sheedy.

#5 Writing Poetry

#1 Early 2000's Pop Punk

Again, we find no fault in this. Sometimes that adolescent boy angst just hits right. In some graduate degree level OFF MAIN behaviour, Abdul reveals he has an "alt" YouTube Music account so he can listen to his beloved Fall Out Boy without it showing up on his Spotify. Respect.

Prank Budget

In addition to this delicious list, Abdul shares about his now on hiatus prank budget and how Katie-Ellen was on the receiving end of many of those funds. Who would have thought you'd need the phrase "that's too many limos?"

Pictured: The "Double Date" that never was.

Spout Lore

This week everyone is horny as hell for Abdul's Podcast "Spout Lore". Check it out wherever you get your podcasts, or at


Early in the episode, Katie-Ellen reveals that she's always (since before the show aired so it was wildly optimistic - you might even say real "Pollyanna move) referred to fans of Horny OFF MAIN as "Hornettes." Hope y'all like it? Whoops.

Phew! What an episode, ammiright?!

This legend.

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