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Episode #19 - Real Pollyanna Type

Resident Bubble Buds Amitai and Katie-Ellen bubble up for another episode, this time to tackle the fear around sharing things you love, family movie nights (RIP Blockbuster), and when things are so beautiful it makes you mad.

Uh oh! Is that tension in the host chairs? Is the bubble about to bust for these Bubble Buds? Are Mommy and Daddy fighting? (they will definitely fight about which one is Daddy). Amitai and Katie-Ellen have some...feelings at one point when Katie takes aim at Amitai's pre-show process. Some podcasts would edit that part out. Mostly because it's kinda boring but also because it's kinda silly and embarrassing. But that's the show, baby!

Differences aside, this week Amitai is horny for being coy.

And Katie-Ellen, along with millions of others, is horny for Bridgerton.

If we've learned anything from this week's episode, it's this:

Forty Days and Forty Nights is, indeed, a movie.

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