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Episode 13 - Unconditional Love Island w/Alicia Tobin

Your hosts are joined by comedian, author, podcaster and all around dream guest Alicia Tobin!

Amitai and Katie-Ellen welcome comedian, author, podcaster and dreamboat Alicia Tobin to talk outrageous rider dreams, people’s misconceptions about comedians, David Foster, the experience of putting vulnerable art out and more.

What a handsome couple and in no way contributing to Katie getting asked if she's her 73 year old Dad's wife.

Amitai is outraged to learn of an unknown nickname of Katie’s and Katie reveals embarrassing nicknames of his.

Check out Alicia’s book “So You’re a Little Sad, So What?” and check her out on Twitter.

Also, get tickets to Katie’s upcoming online comedy variety show SHOW OFF GO OFF by donation (of any amount) to WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre.

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