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Episode #12 - Of Mice and Mensch: an East Van Tail

I think we can all agree, our true calling is podcast episode titles.

Like intrepid Fievel Mousekewitze before them, this week your hosts go on a journey of self-discovery (and mostly discover that they both have a pretty incessant rodent problem.) It's kind of the pits.

But nothing can damper their joy and unfettered adoration of Lil Nas X or the celebration of his latest release.

He is a treasure. Amitai and Katie-Ellen confirm that Horny OFF MAIN is, of course, a TRIBUTE podcast to Lil Nas X.

Amitai is horny for friendship silliness and Katie-Ellen announces her upcoming show. SHOW OFF GO OFF, coming up December 5th, 7pm PST. The show will take place online over Zoom. Tickets are by donation (any amount) to WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre. More info here:

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