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Episode 11 - French Horn(y OFF MAIN) with Dr. Cheryl Peters

This week your hosts are joined by Occupational Hygienist and Epidemiologist Dr. Cheryl Peters (and yes, we mean that as a brag.)

We're excited to welcome Cheryl to what is hopefully the first of many Horny OFF MAIN appearances. Her areas of specialization include:

  • Impacts of carcinogenic exposures occurring in workplace and community and environments.

  • Covid-19

  • The spread of scientific misinformation

  • Giving rad advice (IF asked)

  • Playing the French Horny (on the DL)

  • Being the best

The gang discuss why people are so included to believe false information about science, Cheryl assures us scientists are NOT hiding the cure for Cancer as part of an elaborate conspiracy and the three bond over their love secrets.

In addition to educating us about science, Cheryl also shared her love for awards shows

and the advice column and podcast "Dear Prudence."

You can follow Dr. Peters on Twitter here and read more about her here.

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