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Episode 07 - Drag the Garden, Bitch w/ Mack Gordon

Amitai and Katie-Ellen welcome Mack Gordon to the digital blanket fort for tales of Amitai "meet cutes", hot dogs, game nights and gossip.

Mack is currently producing and appearing in a live, remote theatre event through Nov. 21st. The show is a live virtual audio drama adaptation of War of the Worlds.

In this 90-minute live virtual audio experience, H.G. Wells enters the 21st century as a Chicagoland science journalist thrust into the events of an alien invasion after a meteor from the “Red Planet” Mars crashes outside the suburbs of Chicago at the start of the new decade. Separated from family, friends and everything they’ve ever known, the eclectic cast of Chicagoland characters must do everything in their power to survive as our world comes crashing down around them. As the Martians reveal their deadly Heat-Ray and their true intentions, whirling our characters into hair-raising chases across Chicago one question remains: is life on Earth doomed?

Actors play dozens of characters in an online theatre experience unlike any other, created by a company critically-acclaimed for its “innovative,” “elaborate,” and “viscerally compelling” storytelling.

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