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Episode 02 – Reluctantly M.G.

Week two. It only took us to our second episode before we got to a guest who truly did not want to join us.

We do share our guest Marlene’s full name on the podcast, but we won’t share it here to help her keep her online anonymity.

In addition to being a brilliant musician, actor and screenwriter, Marlene is Amitai’s nemesis and most fervent enemy, which again you might thing it would take us long than one week to get to – but we’re our here flipping the script.

Together we discuss our “Scrooge McDuck Fantasies.” What weird and frivolous thing would you do if you had McDuck dollars? Share in the comments or email

Stick around to see what's in Amitai's MYSTERY BOX.

Ordinarily here is where I'd shout out our dope guest's socials, but again, she's got appropriate boundaries or whatever, so you can get at the show on Twitter or IG @offmainpod.

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