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The Prequels (who needs 'em?)

In the proud tradition of prequels and like every prequel before it, ours are arguable self-indulgent and probably unnecessary. But, if you’re interested in the characters, prequels are also a fun way to spend a bit of time.

We wanted to release these episodes as an opportunity for listeners to get to know us, and in keeping with the theme of the show, for us to show something we’re a little unsure of. Hear us try out our first show intro and figure out what this whole endeavour’s all about.

Prequel #1 - Summer Time Sadness

Amitai tries to teach Katie the beauty of being sad.

We learn Katie is pathologically averse to change. (Change like something different happening, not the kind you keep in a purse. She loves coins!)

The pair also discuss how horny they are for challenging the gender binary.

Prequel #2 - Chesterfield Kings

In prequel #2, Amitai confesses to being a “reformed Soft Boi/Softoby” and all that that journey entails.

The pair share a genius and very gross app idea (if you’re a developer who is similarly sad, get at us).

Amitai mentions “Crush Energy” (TM) for the first of what will more certainly be countless times. (Crush Energy to us is like Rose for Suburban Moms or Monster Energy to dudes with rage issues. It is our fuel).

We deconstruct the sexual bases and design Amitai’s Tombstone.

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