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Episode #38 - Is There a Mrs. Destiny?

Updated: May 26, 2021

Is there a moment that drastically and irrevocably altered the course of your life? Is EVERY moment a potential catalyst for an infinite amount of possibilities? Have Amitai and Katie-Ellen been isolated so long that their minds have become an endless loop of regret and imagination? Probably!

It's our Mr. Destiny/Sliding Doors Moment!

Your HOM Hosts as represented in 80's/90's Movie Posters, respectively.

It gets pointed out that Gwyneth is to Amitai as Jim Belushi is to Katie-Ellen, which tracks.

An unsolicited aside about Jim Belushi by Katie-Ellen:

For my entire life Jim Belushi has been a go-to punchline, like airline food or "my hag wife." The ridicule was so ubiquitous the man's name became a stand-in for the shit version of something. For example, were I such an unoriginal bore I might say this aside is "the Jim Belushi" of blogs. From what I can tell, Jim's main crime is not dying. He suffered the loss of his brother John, a pain I can hardly bring myself to imagine the depth of, no doubt compounded by years of guilt and worry related to John's addiction, and as a culture we decided the fun collective position would be "it should have been YOU who died."

But he didn’t die. He lived. And he made some stuff that wasn't seminal to these hack's existence. He didn't make Animal House. Thank goodness. (I understand it's not FOR me, or really almost any non-cis-white-able-bodied-male-of-a-certain-age, but I maintain that Animal House falls into the category of "is it good, or did you just see it at a time when your dick got consistently hard for the first time so it seems important?") Oh, his sitcom "According to Jim" wasn't good? Yeah. That's it's job. To be unchallenging and on TV. Do I dig shlubby husband hot wife joke-by-number TV? Naw. Do I think they're bad for gender roles? For sure. But it's also not for me. It's for the millions of people who put it on to dull the anxiety or boredom or whatever type of ache their day-to-day lives carry and for giant pharmaceutical companies to sell medication for gout.

Mostly, I think folks felt like Jim's career success was unearned. Which is ADORABLE. Because of course every other successful person in entertainment made it with nothing more than elbow grease, pocket change and a smile.

And what is Jim up to these days? While plenty of men of his generation and income bracket sound off about the threat of “cancel culture” and the important freedom to let your full face spew droplets on others, Jim quietly farms weed in Oregon and posts cute farm-core pics with his dog and horses.

Jim Belushi is due for the full Guy Fieri cultural revision treatment.

Note: This is an impromptu and under-researched piece and if I find out he quietly committed vehicular manslaughter in the 80’s or something I reserve the right to revoke. For the time being, all praise stands.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

HOM Gets Astrological

In the tradition of talking about things we do not know about, this week astrology comes up on the pod for the first time and each host shares their star sign.


If you understand this GIF, Katie-Ellen is sincerely interested (though even without an explanation they FEEL this).


Again, not sure we understand but also this checks all the way out.

It's a "Small Wonder" After All

If, like Amitai, you have so far in life been denied the strange joy of the television show "Small Wonder" we submit for you here this taste. (Sorry and you're welcome).

Sports. Aren't. Fair.

As HOM continues to be a inadvertently a sports show by and for no-sports folks, Katie & Amitai talk at length about sports, and why the push to regulate trans athletes in sport has nothing to do with "fairness" or anything other than political control and fear, anti-trans discrimination and like so many systemic problems is also deeply anti-Black.

The main thesis, which they will shout from the rafters again and again is that Sports Are NOT Fair.

Sports aren't fair, that's what makes them such a beautiful metaphor for our lives

Horny Fors

Amitai is horny for everything Ziwe and for her new show:

Katie-Ellen is horny for the hospitality show to the Vancouver Canadians who, due to Covid-19 are unable to play their season at their home park Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, have been taken in by the team in Hillsboro Oregon. Katie is still not over this pic of the Oregon field before the Canadians' first "Home Game" last week.

Cool News Alert!

Off the top of the episode Katie let y'all know about a cool opportunity for young girls, ages 4-16, in Vancouver who are interested in playing baseball.

Text from info-graphic:

7 Week Summer Program Saturday July 10, 2021 - Saturday August 28, 2021

9am-10am for ages 4-17, 10:15am-Noon for ages 8-16 Sunrise Park, 1950 Windermere St, Vancouver B.C.

No Baseball Experience Necessary All Abilities Welcome Female Trained Coaching Staff Jersey, Pants & Hat to Keep Use of Equipment Personalized Baseball Card & Medal

$125 per person

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